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In 1980 the Makripodis family purchased land and planted over 220 olive trees on the isle of Crete, Greece. Today the family owns thousands of trees. Harvested in the hot, sun-soaked isle of Crete, Greece, Makripodis family produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil with no additives or preservatives. Made with only the isle of Crete handpicked olives, ensuring top quality color, flavor and texture. Every batch is tested to guarantee quality, consistency and authenticity. Cold pressed, extracted without the use of chemicals for a fresh raw olive flavor. A heart-healthy essential of the Mediterranean diet, high in good fats and antioxidants. Makripodis Olive Oil is headquartered in Washington, PA, while other family members remain in Crete, Greece. The Makripodis family controls the entire olive oil cultivation process from tree to store in order to maintain and ensure the highest level of quality. 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil remains.

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- Nick

We absolutely love this olive oil. We have tried many different kinds and this one by far has the best taste. A definite must have for every kitchen. 5 stars.


- d. kelly

Absolutely great EVOO! The Makripodis family is not only selling a genuine and amazing product, but they're GREAT people. If you're looking for a top notch oil for all of your needs, you cannot go wrong with Makripodis Oil.

what our customers are saying

- joey p.

Absolutely the best olive oil out there! I almost feel bad using it and want to save it for special occasions, but I eventually cave in and use it constantly. Awesome for making homemade salad dressing or dipping sauces and pretty much everything else!

what our customers are saying

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