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In 1980, Mike Makripodis’ father and family started out by planting 220 olive trees on the isle of Crete, Greece.

Each year, Mike Makripodis would get Makripodis Olive Oil imported to the states.

He would gift the olive oil to family, friends, and even strangers. People raved about it. Over the years, they would consistently ask if he had plans of selling it in the future, because they felt bad asking for more for free. Well, after so many requests for the oil, they decided to bring it to the United States to sell. He now owns that same land that his father originally planted the very first trees on, and he hopes to one day pass it down to his children. 





Once harvested, the olives are carefully picked and taken to be processed within hours. They are first cold-pressed and the oil is separated from the pulp. What remains is 100% authentic and pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil sits in a large bar for three months. It then gets bottled, labeled shipped to us.
There are no additives and no preservatives. 

The Makripodis family in Greece does the harvesting each year from October to February.